Anatomy & Physiology (RXAP)


Course Memo

Course Description: • This course introduces the student to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Basic physical science, life science, and microbiology are included. The normal functioning of the body systems is discussed. Prerequisites: • None (Medical Terminology strongly recommended) Pertinent Information: • Books included in tuition. • This course is student-directed and paced according to a calendar set by the instructor. Students are expected to complete required activities as assigned. The student will be responsible to complete all module activities before taking the module exam. The pace of this course is such that the student will be required to complete outside study. • This type of learning environment may be new to students who have only attended traditional lecture-based classes in the past. It can offer several advantages to you; however, you must be motivated, show initiative in your work, and seek out the assistance from your peers, instructors, and reference materials when questions arise. If you need help adjusting to this type of learning environment, it is your responsibility to inform your instructor. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at any time! We are here to help you in all aspects of your training. • Satisfies the A & P prerequisite for the Practical Nursing and Radiologic Technologist programs at Meridian Technology Center. Course Content: • Introduction to the Human Body • Basic Chemistry • Cells • Cell Metabolism • Microbiology Basics • Tissues and Membranes • Integumentary System and Body Temperature • Skeletal System • Muscular System • Nervous System: Nervous Tissue and Brain • Nervous System: Spinal Cord and Peripheral Nerves • Autonomic Nervous System • Sensory System • Endocrine System • Blood • Anatomy of the Heart • Function of the Heart • Anatomy of the Blood Vessels • Functions of the Blood Vessels • Lymphatic System • Immune System • Respiratory System • Digestive System • Urinary System • Water, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance • Reproductive Systems • Human Development and Heredity For more information, please call the Health Occupations desk at (405) 377-3333 ext. 209 or 211 (Health, Medical, Nursing, Science)