Emergency Medical Responder (RXEMR)


Course Memo

Course Description: • Will train individuals how to respond and initiate immediate lifesaving care if they are the first person to arrive on the scene of an accident. Students will be taught basic interventions necessary to properly administer care until further emergency medical services arrive and to assist higher level personnel at the scene and during transport. Emergency Medical Responders function, under medical oversight, as part of a comprehensive EMS response. • Not a certification course, but will prepare students for Oklahoma and/or NREMT licensure. Prerequisites or Co-Requisites: • Completion of HAZMAT Awareness training at the First Responder Awareness Level only. • Completion of NIMS 100 and 700 (if not currently certified). These are mandatory for course completion and are available online (free of charge). This will be discussed in-depth the first night of class. Pertinent Information: • Books included in tuition. • Effective July 1, 2007 all individuals seeking initial Emergency Medical Responder certification in the State of Oklahoma, must successfully complete an Oklahoma skills and written test. • National Registry certification is also available – but is not necessary in order to operate as an Emergency Medical Responder in Oklahoma. • Meridian Technology Center will host the practical skills exam within two weeks of course completion. The exam consists of 5 skill stations and the fee is $40. • The state of Oklahoma written exam can be taken at Meridian Technology Center after successful completion of the course and practical skills exam. The fee for this exam is $35. • Students will be certified in CPR (American Heart Association Healthcare Provider) during the course of the class. Certification is mandatory. • Students will be practicing skills through various scenarios, so should dress comfortably, but appropriately. • Certification is for two years. Individuals must re-certify by taking a 16-hour Emergency Medical Responder Refresher course prior to expiration of their certificate. Course Content: Module 1 Preparatory Module 2 Airway and Cardiac Resuscitation Module 3 Patient Assessment Module 4 Medical Emergencies Module 5 Trauma Module 6 Special Patient Populations Module 7 Operations For more information, please call the Health Occupations desk at (405) 377-3333 ext. 209 or 211 (Health, EMR, EMT, NREMT, Certified, Volunteer)