Medication Administration Technician Update (RXMTU)


Course Memo

Course Description: • As required by law, this class meets the minimum eight-hour requirement for annual update training in Medication Administration. • Certification course. Prerequisites: • Medication Administration Training certification. Pertinent Information: • All books included in tuition. • MAT Update program is designed to provide update training required by Oklahoma HB 1092 (May 87) and amended by HB 1880 (June 88). • Students may enroll in this class only if their current MAT certification has not expired. • State law requires a minimum of eight hours update training, which this course covers. • To be eligible for a certificate of completion, a student must complete the entire class. Absent hours will constitute a failure of completion. • Students must be able to read and write at a minimum of an eighth grade level. Oral testing will not be conducted at Meridian Technology Center. Course Content: Infection Control Special Precautions relating to blood spills/body fluids Links in the Chain of Infection Guidelines for Preventing Infection Administering Medications Verify Right of Medication Administration Verify Purposes of Medication and their Common Abbreviations & Symbols Verify Storing and Handling of Medications Verify Administration of Medications Vital Signs Verify Symbols for Documentation of Vital Signs Verify Charting of Vital Signs Conversion of Fahrenheit and Centigrade (Celsius) Temperature Readings Legal Issues and Residents’ Rights Standards of Care Liability Issues Confidentiality Issues Medical Emergencies Signs, symptoms, and Treatment Drug and drug-food Interactions Chart Medication Administration and Resident Care Standard Abbreviations and Symbols General Guidelines for Charting Documenting For more information, please call the Health Occupations desk at (405) 377-3333 ext. 209 or 211 (MAT, Health, Medical, Medicine)