Phlebotomy (RXPHLEB)


Course Memo

Phlebotomy is the process of collecting blood. A phlebotomist’s primary role is to collect blood for accurate and reliable test results. The phlebotomist must be able to recognize appropriate methods for analyzing specimens. Students will learn proper blood collection techniques, routine and special specimen collection requirements, transportation procedures, etc. Prerequisites: • None Pertinent Information: • This course will teach students how to properly obtain blood samples, perform specimen collection and processing, organize work assignment and use time management techniques as related to phlebotomy. • Students will perform 30 successful venipunctures on the Virtual Phlebotomy Simulator, perform 30 successful venipunctures in the classroom laboratory setting, and perform 10 successful dermal punctures in the classroom laboratory setting. • This is not a certification course, however students will receive information in class on steps to complete National Certification. Course Content: • Introduction to Blood Collection • Venipuncture Equipment • Pre-examination Variables and Venipuncture Complications • Special Blood Collection • Dermal Puncture • Point-of-Care Testing • Blood Collection from Vascular Access Devices