Lunchtime Learning: Why Trust Matters in the Workplace (MSLL030723)


Course Memo

We’ve developed new norms since the pandemic began…quick changes and pivoting, more dependence on technology for communication, uncertainty, and decision fatigue like we’ve never experienced before. Thankfully, it’s also left us with the ability to think differently. To challenge the way we go about our day-to-day lives. To practice empathy and compassion at a deeper level. To build upon foundational communication and trust. And to take what we have learned during these extremely difficult times and apply this new-found knowledge to dig in and see how it could benefit the ever-changing workforce. But to do this, there must be one key component. In this interactive session facilitated by Amie Haar, individuals will uncover the characteristics of a true leader (no matter their title!), and learn ways to build, earn, and keep one of the most sought after treasures all lasting relationships must encompass…Trust.