T4E-V 2021 Decision Fatigue (CT4EV21DF)

Course Memo

Have you ever sat through a difficult conversation or an intense meeting and remained emotionally collected, then struggled to make decisions big or small for the remainder of the day? What about planning, shopping and prepping your groceries for the week, then looked at your overflowing refrigerator and instead ordered pizza? And the days you put together lesson plans, answer emails, organize your office or classroom, then can barely find the energy to drive back home? These are all real, and frequent situations. They also have something in common...decision fatigue. In this session, you will learn about the effects of decision fatigue, and what you as an educator can do to help recognize, prepare for, and potentially alleviate the exhaustion that comes with this process. Not only for you, but for your students, colleagues, or staff as well.