Job Search and Interviewing Skills (MSBR3-05)

Course Memo

Helping students find and successfully secure employment is the ultimate goal of the Be READY program. The Job Search and Interviewing Skills course prepares job seekers through a series of modules from basic job search techniques, resume development, and skills to help prepare and practice for an interview. Course includes a mock interview with feedback to help sharpen interview skills.

Course is comprised of 6 modules
    Job Search 
    This module is about finding a job. The session will help students discover things like: know 
    what type of job you want, know what type of job you're qualified for, how to begin looking, 
    and more.

    Student will learn about resumes that get the job. The program includes: Resume Overview,      
    Resume Format and an opportunity for your resume to be reviewed.
    Job Applications 
    This session covers the basics for applying for a job.
    Preparing For an Interview 
    There are basics on how to prepare for an interview. This module will take students through 
     the steps to properly prepare to meet with employers and interview.
    This session provides information on the basics of how to properly conduct yourself in an      
     interview. As part of this module, students will utilize a software program to practice          
     interviewing and receive feedback on the strengths of their interview along with areas for      
    After The Interview 
    This module teaches the proper post-interview things to do. These items are often 
    overlooked  and when done can help a candidate stand out to an employer.


(job search; resumes; applications; interviews; feedback)