Lunchtime Learning - Actionable Accountability (Virtual) (MSLL030921)

Course Memo

Quint Studer said, “Clear and consistent communication can work magic in an organization, but only if leaders have the courage and skills to set clear expectations and hold all individuals accountable.” The lack of accountability is rampant in society today. Why are we afraid to hold people accountable, both at work and in our personal lives? In Actionable Accountability, you will learn actionable tools to improve accountability as well as best practices to drive better results. You’ll see what the “magic” that comes from setting expectations, communication and holding others accountable can do for you, your work team and your organization.

Lorinda Schrammel is the Director of Talent Development at Oklahoma State University and the owner of Growth Training and Consulting. Lorinda additionally serves as a national advisor for the Association for Talent Development. Lorinda has been a TedX speaker and a recipient of the Pike’s Peak Award presented annually for exemplary performance in participant-centered training. Lorinda is a Gallup-certified strengths coach and holds a variety of training certifications in various disciplines.  Lorinda is a graduate of Baylor University. 

(communication; leadership; accountability; best practices; expectations; goals)