Lunchtime Learning - The Power of Emotional Intelligence (Virtual) (MSLL032321)

Course Memo

What is the formula for success at your job? As a spouse? A parent? As part of your community? Emotional intelligence (EI) is the unique repertoire of emotional skills that we use to navigate the everyday challenges of life. Research has demonstrated that our EI or (EQ) is often a more accurate predictor of success than our IQ. No matter how intellectually intelligent we are, our success is still governed by how well we communicate our ideas and interact with our peers. This course will give you the foundational knowledge to help you understand how to leverage current skill strengths and recognize opportunities for development.

Anna Irwin is a Human Behavior Specialist, focusing in the people skills arena. Anna assists individuals as they master their communication and leadership skills, ensuring they become an invaluable member on any team they are part of in all areas of their life. Anna has worked with numerous organizations across the state in an effort to improve their leadership, communication and team cohesiveness skills. Anna holds a B.A. in communication from UCO and an M.A. in organizational behavior from Boston University.

(emotional intellegience; communication; interaction; skills; strengths; development)