Medical Terminology (RXMTB)

Course Memo

Course Description: • Will introduce the student to the language of medicine and an understanding of how complex medical terms are formed. Will build and develop a student’s medical vocabulary so they are better able to communicate with healthcare professionals. • Not a certification course. Prerequisites: • None Pertinent Information: • Books included in tuition. • There is a lot of information that is covered at a very fast pace. Students must be prepared to study outside of class to ensure their success. • Flash cards, transparencies, and word games will be utilized to assist the student’s recall and learning process. • Students receive a set of 128 flash cards and a student practice disk with the purchase of their book. • This course is an excellent preparation course for pre-med students, medical secretaries, medical transcriptionists, etc. • Satisfies the Medical Terminology prerequisite for the Practical Nursing and Radiologic Technologist programs at Meridian Technology Center. • Satisfies the Medical Terminology prerequisite for the Practical Nursing and Radiologic Technology programs at Meridian Technology Center. Course Content: • Structure of the Human Body • The Skeletal System • The Muscular System • The Cardiovascular System • The Lymphatic and Immune Systems • The Respiratory System • The Digestive System • The Urinary System • The Nervous System • Special Senses: Eyes and Ears • The Integumentary System • The Endocrine System • The Reproductive Systems • Diagnostic & Imaging Procedures • General Medical Terminology For more information, please call the Health Occupations desk at (405) 377-3333 ext. 209 or 211 (Health, Nursing, Rad-Tech) To view other short-term classes go to

Course Section Description

Introduction to the special language utilized in the medical field and health care. Understanding new words becomes easy with the discovery that many terms are made up of interchangeable word parts that are utilized in different combinations. Meets pre-requisite requirements for Radiologic Technology and Practical Nursing.