Elevate Leadership: Why Purpose Matters: It's Good For You and Good For Business (MSEL092217)

Course Memo

Employees and supervisors have grown jaded about mission and vision statements. Too often, they become meaningless platitudes that decorate the lobby, but no one actually reads. Similarly, employees are all-too-familiar with the request to do more with less, whether it’s related to staffing levels, budgets, or any number of variables that affect the bottom line. Despite all that, research indicates that having a larger purpose still matters…because a purpose is different. A purpose is the concrete reason to get out of bed in the morning. It’s how you and your company make a difference today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. This interactive session will unpack the following concepts: Purpose is why your organization exists. You and your colleagues will be more engaged and productive when you’re driven by purpose, and that will add value and make money. Purpose is essential in a tough economy. Purpose driven people out-perform other employees, hands-down. People crave connection and meaning in all areas of life, and purposeful work can be that differentiator. Come learn how a purpose-driven mindset can make you and your organization more successful.