Lunchtime Learning - The Ego Trip (Up): How Decision Fatigue Leaves Us Depleted (Virtual) (MSLL011221)

Course Memo

Have you ever sat through a difficult conversation and remained emotionally collected, then struggled to make a decision for the remainder of the day?  Have you ever planned, shopped, and prepped your groceries for the week, and then looked at your overflowing refrigerator and instead ordered pizza? What about needing to go back to bed after you have gotten everyone where they need to go in the morning instead of facing the day head on?  These are all real, and completely normal situations...and have something in common...decision fatigue.  In this session, individuals will hear about the effects of decision fatigue, and what they can do to help recognize, prepare for, and potentially alleviate the exhaustion that comes with this process.

Amie is passionate about many things, including her faith, family, the power of a good belly laugh, and how the world can thrive through education (expecially when it comes to ourselves!). She believes strongly in helping others find their true purpose through individual coaching, team facilitation, or large group training, specializing in communication, relationship building, and presence. As a nationally certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Amie comes alongside and teaches others how to best show up for themselves and those around them.  Outside of owning her own business, Amie loves being with her husband, Josh, their three beautiful children Ava, Miles and Warren, cracking open a new book, drinking a good cup of coffee, exploring the outdoors, and spending an evening at the theater. 

(difficult conversations, decisions, fatigue, communications, emotions)